Master Reporting Automation with Google Sheets

6 Hours
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108 Lessons (6h)

  • Your First Program
  • Introduction
    Why Google Sheets, not Excel?3:00
    Quick Example: How to Efficiently Automate Reporting1:52
    Overview of Course Projects2:25
  • Learn and Practice the Key Formulas
    Key Formula Combination - INDEX & MATCH7:02
    Determining Year with TEXT2:07
    Smart use of IF's - Dynamic SUMIF and AVERAGEIF7:51
    Use of COUNTIF(S)3:38
    Identify ROW & COLUMN Numbers2:14
    RANK the Data1:52
    Avoid Errors with IFERROR2:40
    Improve Calculation Accuracy with AVERAGE.WEIGHTED2:20
    Quiz 1: Key Formula Quiz
  • Learn and Practice the Key Formulas: Advanced Section
    Pulling Data with INDIRECT & ADDRESS2:41
    Use OFFSET for Dynamic Calculations4:34
    Advanced Formula: QUERY2:58
    Advanced Formula: QUERY 23:44
    Section Recap1:08
    Quiz 2: Key Formula 2 Quiz
  • Putting Together the Project
    Mapping Down the Metrics11:02
    Defining the Week Periods and Week References3:59
    Connecting the Formulas with INDEX & MATCH3:28
    Setting Up Budget Connections and Calculations8:03
    Formatting of Week Numbers1:53
    Visual Formatting8:48
    Quiz 3: Project Mapping Quiz
  • Adding the Forecasts
    Defining Sheet Structure5:01
    Setting Up Forecasting Formulas8:57
    Advanced: Connecting Stable Metrics to Dataset11:48
    Linking Targets with Actuals6:51
    Defining Current Week through TODAY Formula3:09
    Target Conversion from Weekly to Monthly5:28
    Comparison between Targets and Budgets6:04
    Notification for Reconciliation with Budgets8:40
    Sections Recap1:19
    Quiz 4: Forecasting Quiz
  • Building the Comparison Between Actuals and Forecasts
    Defining Sheet Structure4:11
    Connecting the Formulas2:48
    Not Showing Data for Unpassed Weeks2:13
    Calculating the Variances2:19
    Conditional Formatting for Variances3:02
    Conditional Color Notifications7:16
    Final Touches1:25
    Quiz 5: Comparison Building Quiz
  • Designing the Landing Page
    What to Include in the Cover tab?7:00
    Table of Contents3:05
    Linking Key Information2:48
    Use Your Brand Colours5:15
    Section Recap1:32
    Quiz 6: Landing Page Quiz
  • Reconciling Weekly Actuals with Monthly Budgets
    Defining Sheet Structure5:57
    Connecting the Data to the Tab5:16
    Color Coding for Weekly Trends2:53
    Color Coding for Monthly Budgets10:00
    Final Touches1:39
    Quiz 7: Actuals vs Budget Quiz
  • Setting Up Competitor and Market Size Tracking
    Defining Sheet Structure1:39
    Creating the Framework for Competitor Tracking3:08
    Adding Formulas to Framework5:35
    Estimating Competitor and Market Size10:27
    Summary of Key Metrics8:34
    Final Touches7:10
    Connection with Other Tabs8:23
    Sections Recap1:36
    Quiz 8: Market Sizing Quiz
  • Professional and Effective Data Visualisation
    Intro to the First Graph1:09
    Data Visualisation Principles2:11
    Graph I: Key Actuals with Targets17:55
    Graph II: Monthly Actuals with Budgeted Forecasts12:16
    Dynamic Table: Data Layout for Competitor Tracking10:57
    Dynamic Table: Ranking for Competitor Tracking6:02
    Graph III: Tracking Weekly Performance over Monthly Budget10:31
    Final Touches0:47
    Section Recap1:51
    Quiz 9: Data Visualisation Quiz
  • Creating Dynamic and Reliable Data Connections
    Status for Data Dump6:08
    Dynamic Budget Connection with IMPORTRANGE4:15
    Dynamic Budget Connection with QUERY4:13
    Final Touches3:45
    Quiz 10: Data Connections Quiz
  • Wrapping Up the Project
    Adding Instructions1:39
    Reviewing Links in Cover tab1:09
    Final Touches on Whole File3:17
    Protecting the Sheets3:29
    Recap of Course Project1:51
    Quiz 11: Project Wrap-Up Quiz
  • Further Development Tips and Tricks
    Automating Data Dump through a Script2:37
    Creating Multi-Level Reporting System3:15
    Optimise Spreadsheet Performance1:40
    Workaround for IMPORTRANGE Internal Error2:13
    Manage Reporting Files through Scripts2:07
    Section Recap1:07
    Quiz 12: Tips and Tricks Quiz
  • Conclusion
    Bonus Lecture3:15

Solve Any Business Modeling Task with 6 Hours of Content on Effective Data Visualization

Mariel Aim


Mariel Aim | Head of Business Analytics in a High-Growth Technology Firm

4.7/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mariel Aim works for the European fastest growing technology firm Bolt as the Head of Business Analytics where she's responsible for the whole business analytics and financial planning domain of a business vertical with over €3B valuation. Prior, she has a background in consulting (specifically M&A) and hold an MBA in Economics with sub-focus on data science.


All the work you're doing in a repetitive manner in Google Sheets or Excel could be automated. It requires no coding skills, add-ons, or special tools - all you need to know is how to execute advanced formula combinations that will do all the automation for you. This course focuses on teaching you the right skill set, so you could solve any business modeling task you might ever experience. You will learn the key formulas, practice them, build a complex but rewarding project, and then try to solve the challenges on your own. The course is designed to give you advanced-level skills that you will feel comfortable executing later in your own work.

4.7/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


  • Access 108 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Make your files look professional & easy-to-track
  • Create formula combinations that will save your hours of time
  • Minimize manual reporting & focus on value-creating tasks
  • Learn tips & tricks to effective data visualization
  • Create an automated business forecasting framework that works


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